5 Ways to Make the Move to a Self-Storage Facility Easier

Putting things into a self-storage facility can cause a lot of stress if you are not prepared. Everything from proper preparation to choosing the right place to store your car, RV or boat takes thought and preparation. Sometimes, moving can feel quite overwhelming. It’s difficult to know where to start and how to stay organized. If you have a trip to storage coming up or just want to be prepared for if and when you do, The Hideout Storage Park has you covered with these 5 tips for success:

1. Start Early

There is nothing worse than feeling rushed when trying to store your RV or toys. This can be especially true when you are also facing something like a date to go back up North. We highly recommend starting your preparation as early as possible. The prep in general can feel very overwhelming but when you start ahead of time and work in stages, it can start to feel a little more manageable. For example, if you are storing an RV, start with thoroughly cleaning the interior instead of the exterior first. The interior can stay clean for a while much easier. When storage day comes around, you will be so thankful you started the process ahead of time.

2. Make A “To-Do” List

Does anybody else thrive with a “to do” list, or is that just us? Storage can create a lot of noise inside your brain. Thinking about packing, cleaning, disconnecting, and all of the things that come with storing a car or RV can leave your head spinning. That is why we highly recommend creating a “to-do” list for your pending self-storage facility trip. Not only can you get all of the noise out of your head and onto paper but a “to do” list will help ensure you do not forget about anything! There is a saying “a short pencil beats a long memory.” It’s true, but if you are more geared towards digital, there are tons of “to-do” list apps available so you can have it right on your phone, available at all times. 

3. Recruit Help

Big tasks are not meant to be done alone! Recruiting help for the job makes it feel more manageable and helps make you feel much less stressed. Once again, plan ahead. Your friends or family are more likely to say yes if they have time to plan rather than have to move things on their calendar at the last minute. Of course, they help because they’re friends or family, but don’t forget to take care of them. Plenty of water to stay hydrated in our Southwest Florida climate and snacks or lunch to keep them fueled.

4. Have A “Day Of” Game Plan

You’ve started your preparation, your “to-do” list is made, and you’ve recruited all the help you can get; now what? Having a “day of” game plan is the next piece to your successful move to storage.  A few days before the actual day, think through and write down how you would like everything to go. When do we wash the exterior? Is there water available at the self-storage facility or do I need to wash before then? Is drying time needed? More than just a task list, plan for the amount of time and materials needed. Relay this information to anyone who may be assisting you so that everyone is on the same page. The day will feel much less chaotic with a solid game plan.

5. Check Your Paperwork 

This would also be a great time to think about paperwork. Check to see if your registration will need to be renewed before you plan to take your RV or car out again. Is your insurance up to date? Lastly, make sure everything is in order with your storage agreement. Check with our staff to make sure all your contact information and payment methods are up to date.

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. When you pack early, make a “to-do” list, recruit help, and have a solid game plan you’re sure to have a successful move-in day. The Hideout Storage Park is here for all of your tips, tricks, and storage needs. Check out our other blogs to learn more!



Relaxed boat storage place. Friendly and helpful and good price.



Great price. Awesome security.



The storage location is very handy for South Naples and Marco.  Pricing is competitive and the location offers outside storage for trailers, boats, RV's, etc. The management is very helpful and friendly!



The owner, the staff and the other patrons I have had the opportunity to meet are beyond phenomenal, particularly Mark, who is the Manager and has gone above and beyond to be helpful in every way!

If you are looking for a place to store your collector car, your Boat, RV, Household Items or whatever it may be, this is the place you should go to first!!



Really nice management and very reasonable pricing.  The other games in town are ridiculously high - robbing the public. Thanks Hideout!