Why You Can’t Live in a Storage Unit

Some people might find living in a storage unit tempting. Maybe they have fallen on financial hardship and housing payments are the main reason why. Or maybe they have experienced a natural disaster and lost everything they had.

But for every reason you can think of, there are just as many as to why you can’t live in a storage unit. Keep reading to learn more!


Areas not zoned as a residence are illegal to live in. This includes storage facilities.

Living in a storage unit would violate housing laws—local and federal—which means that anyone found living on the grounds would have to be evicted and could face civil charges. Not only that, but most facilities include in the lease or agreement that you can’t live in your unit.

So, when a person inevitably gets caught, it’s likely that the contract with the storage facility would be terminated. They would probably lose all their deposits, putting them under even more financial strain.


You can’t live in a storage unit because it’s unsafe.

First of all, most storage unit doors are designed to be locked from the outside, not the inside. That means a person would have to leave the door ajar to get in and out; however, if a staff member sees that they might assume you forgot to close the door all the way. In order to keep your belongings secure, they could close—even lock—the door from the outside in an attempt to do their job. Then you’re stuck inside the unit with no way to get out.

Secondly, in the event of a fire, flood, or other natural hazards, someone living inside the unit may face injury or death. You could also be the cause of a fire if you try to cook because storage units often don’t have windows or proper ventilation. And even though many facilities now include safeguards like smoke detectors, that can’t help you if you’re locked inside.

Finally, not all storage units are climate-controlled. This means there is a lack of heat and air conditioning. This is dangerous because temperatures can fluctuate between below freezing in the winter and above 100 degrees in the summer. Storage units are designed to keep your belongings safe, not to create a safe, sustainable living space for humans.


Most storage units do not have running water, which is necessary for a basic hygiene routine. When personal hygiene suffers, like no baths or showers, it can create a variety of different health issues. Not only that, but people can suffer from dehydration without access to clean, fresh water. And without a bathroom, people living in a storage unit have to make do with what they have, making them sick and potentially damaging the unit as well.

Living in a storage unit may seem like a good idea, but when you think about the legality, hazards, and health threats, it’s just not worth the risks.

Even though at The Hideout we offer indoor car condos for sale, they are not suitable to live in nor do we permit anyone to live in their units. We know that many people who live in a storage unit (or try to) do so because they feel like they had no other options. We care about your safety and the safety of others in addition to caring about keeping your belongings secure. For more information on who we are and what we offer, contact us here!



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