The Florida Sun and The Hideout Storage Park

There’s no sunshine like the Florida sunshine. It’s one of the many things that makes our state so appealing! As much as it is the thing that attracts people to our great state, it is also the thing that could be causing the most damage to your motor vehicle.

The Florida sun can have a brutal effect on vehicles, causing them to wear and tear much quicker than anyone would prefer. At The Hideout Storage Park, we offer the perfect solution for protecting your motor vehicle from the hot Florida sun! Our Car Condos are one of a kind, spacious, and the safest place to store your most prized possession. With our Car Condos, you can have the luxury of cruising through the Sunshine State while also trusting your vehicle is protected when not in use.

The Damage

What kind of damage can the sun cause? Powerful UV rays can cause irreversible harm to the exterior of your motor vehicle. Essentially long exposure to ultraviolet rays can oxidize the exterior coating of your car and even cause the color to change and fade. Oftentimes, this sort of damage can either be permanent or very expensive to correct. The color isn’t the only thing on your vehicle that can be affected by long-term sun exposure. UV rays can also warp and change the shape of the vehicle’s exterior over time.

When it comes to sun damage, cruising around in your vehicle is one thing but leaving it to sit in the sun with no protection for long periods is another. Not only is the exterior being put in harm’s way, but you may also start to notice changes to the interior. If the sun can shine on the inside of the car for too long, you may start to notice changes to the interior color and fabrication as well.

The Solution

This is the part where our Car Condos come in! At The Hideout Storage Park, we offer the perfect solution for all your sun damage worries. Our Car Condos are upscale indoor air-conditioned condominiums fit to house your most prized possessions. We like to call them Elite Motor Storage.

Whether you’re looking for a safe place to store your motor vehicles or interested in customizing your unit, The Hideout Elite Motor Storage has the perfect options to suit all of your needs. These structures are newly constructed with solid concrete blocks and top-of-the-line security monitoring. So not only will you feel confident that your car is protected from the Florida sun, but it is in the safest place possible, as well. With our Car Condos, you have endless options based on your vehicle’s specific needs. Our units come in all different sizes making your purchase convenient and customizable. Never again will you have to fear sacrificing your favorite vehicles to the hot Florida sun.

Your great taste in motor vehicles should not have to suffer out of fear of damage from the sun. We believe you should be able to cruise in your favorite car in the beautiful Florida weather without a worry in the world. The best of both worlds does exist at The Hideout Storage Park. Our Car Condos offer you the best of the best in luxury, protection, and safety for your motor vehicles. You’ll never have to worry about UV rays causing discoloration or damage to the interior or exterior of your vehicle. Our Car Condos are elite and top of the line when it comes to motor vehicle storage. Contact us as soon as possible to learn more and reserve your space!



Relaxed boat storage place. Friendly and helpful and good price.



Great price. Awesome security.



The storage location is very handy for South Naples and Marco.  Pricing is competitive and the location offers outside storage for trailers, boats, RV's, etc. The management is very helpful and friendly!



The owner, the staff and the other patrons I have had the opportunity to meet are beyond phenomenal, particularly Mark, who is the Manager and has gone above and beyond to be helpful in every way!

If you are looking for a place to store your collector car, your Boat, RV, Household Items or whatever it may be, this is the place you should go to first!!



Really nice management and very reasonable pricing.  The other games in town are ridiculously high - robbing the public. Thanks Hideout!