Tips and Tricks for Boat Storage: Washing Your Boat

The last thing you may want to do after a long day on the water is worry about washing your boat. However, when you wash your boat, you add years to its quality and life. Check out these 10 tips and tricks for boat storage preparation:

1. Plan Ahead

Our first tip for washing your boat is to make sure you plan ahead. Making sure you set aside ample time after your day on the water will make all of the difference. If you get back to dock at a good time, you’ll have plenty of time to properly wash your boat before ending your day. There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed or not having time to clean your boat at all.

2. Fresh Water

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many people do not realize the importance of cleaning your boat with fresh water. Using salt water or even a mix could make the corrosion and wear on your boat even worse. Using freshwater will ensure that the salt and grime from a day on the water washes off properly. 

3. Gentle Soaps

Using gentle soaps is another great tip for washing your boat. There are several awesome options out there. Using a gentle soap when you wash your boat will clean it properly while also preserving the paint and coating. It’s a win, win situation!

4. Waxing

While we know that waxing can be time-consuming, it is so important when considering extending the life of your boat. The good news is that waxing doesn’t have to happen every single time you wash your boat. Waxing your boat every 3-4 months is enough to help extend the life and look of its exterior.

5. Acid Based Cleaner

For really tough boat cleaning jobs, using an acid-based cleaner is best. Specifically, muriatic acid. Muriatic acid is a type of hydrochloric acid that is very caustic and corrosive. This means that you must use it with caution and only on those extremely hard-to-clean spots. We highly recommend wearing a mask and gloves when using this product.

6. Interior Cleaning

When washing your boat, you can’t forget the interior! The kind of material the interior of your boat is made of will determine how you should clean it. Oftentimes, you can remove the seat covers or cushions and soak them in cool water. No matter what, make sure you’re doing whatever is best for your specific boat interior.

7. Engine Cleaning

Another part of your boat that is important to clean regularly is the engine. Your boat’s engine should be cleaned after every 100 hours of use. Doing this ensures proper upkeep and life extension for your boat’s motor.

8. Light Scrubbing

When washing your boat, it’s important to make sure that you scrub lightly. Any hard scrubbing could lead to paint and surface damage. Depending on the type of soap you’re using, you may not have to scrub much at all! 

9. Hard Water Stains

There’s nothing worse than hard water stains on your most prized possession. We have a great tip for getting them off of your boat. You can use equal parts of baking soda and white toothpaste. Apply it to the spot or spots with a soft sponge and allow it to sit for 5 minutes or so. Then, with a clean sponge, wipe away the paste and rinse with clean water. Hard water stains are no longer you and your boat’s worst enemy!

10. Portlights

Don’t forget about your portlights! Cleaning your portlights is especially important if you find yourself on the water in the early morning or at night. You definitely do not want to have foggy lights. By cleaning and polishing them, you’re sure to have clear bright lights that will keep you safe on your next boat trip.

We hope you found these tips for washing your boat helpful! At The Hideout Storage Park, we are proud to house many incredible boats. When you choose to keep your boat here, you choose safety, convenience, and the best of the best when it comes to storage. Be sure to visit our website today to learn more about how you can make The Hideout your boat’s new home.



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