Jet Ski Storage: Preparing for Long-Term Storage

If you’re planning to store your jet ski in long-term storage, you must ensure that you’re properly preparing. Proper jet ski storage requires a little bit of work to ensure that your prized possession is safe and sound while in storage. Here are tips and tricks for making your long-term jet ski storage a success.

Drain Water 

One of the first things you need to do before putting your jet ski in long-term storage is to drain the water from the engine. Allowing water to sit in your jet ski’s engine for a long period can cause damage to the engine. It is also important to remember to leave the plug loose. If you’re leaving your watercraft in outdoor, uncovered storage, leaving the plug loose will ensure that rainwater has the ability to drain out as well.

Fill Up With Gas

Another important tip for long-term storage of your jet ski is ensuring that you fill-up the gas tank. As with most motorized or water vehicles, leaving the gas tank empty can cause rust and corrosion over time. Once you have filled your jet ski’s gas tank, you should also add a fuel stabilizer. Using this additive will keep the gas from going bad while your jet ski is in long-term storage. If you’re planning to store your jet ski for half a year or more, a fuel stabilizer is vital.

Remove the Battery

Taking out or unplugging your jet ski’s battery is another vital preparation step when getting your watercraft ready for long-term storage. Leaving your jet ski’s battery plugged in for a long period of time will cause the life of the battery to slowly drain. When you’re not actively using your watercraft, it is not being recharged by operation, and therefore the battery will lose its life much quicker. Unplugging the battery while your jet ski is in long-term storage is the most effective way to ensure your battery gets a longer lifespan. 

Thoroughly Clean

While most jet ski owners are avid about cleaning their watercraft after use, it is important to ensure that your jet ski gets a thorough cleaning before going into long-term storage. Whether you ride your jet ski in salt or freshwater, proper cleaning is vital. No matter the setting you choose to ride your watercraft in, build-up from water and dirt can occur. If water and dirt build-up is left on your jet ski for a long time, permanent damage can be caused to the exterior. 

Change the Oil

One last step that is very important for the long-term storage of your jet ski is getting an oil change. Allowing the oil to remain stagnant will cause buildup and sludge. Getting the oil changed will prevent any thickening oil that would cause damage to your watercraft or cause it to underperform the next time you want to take it out on the water. Along with the oil change, it is best practice to replace the filter as well. This will ensure that your jet ski is ready to roll when you’re ready to take it out of storage.

After a fun and eventful season on the water with your jet ski, it deserves the proper preparations before being put into long-term storage. With these simple steps, you can ensure top-quality storage for your watercraft. Your jet ski will be in top-notch condition once you’re ready to bring it back out on the water again. To learn more about our jet ski storage at The Hideout Storage Park, be sure to check out our website!



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